The famous Quotes

Jewellery has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique
– Jennie Qwon

Imagine how you’d feel then, if that one little piece of jewellery was in itself unique
– Al, founder of RedApple Handmade

So...about you

You have the loveliest shop and customers come to you for something special – something they know they just can’t get anywhere else.

so...What makes Redapple so special?

Each piece of work here at RedApple is handmade – so differences are inevitable.

Apart from that though –
we have developed our own techniques and innovative processes to ensure our work is recycled, sustainable, affordable and limited edition (did we mention we’re vegan friendly and hypoallergenic too?)

This ensures you and your lovely customers a small batch of handmade wholesale joy
– that no-one else will ever have, making them very collectable and at the perfect price point too

See - we're special together

FEATURED on the cover of UK Handmade